First Anniversary 

Assalam’alaikum (Peace Be Upon You)/Hi,

Well this summer we finally turned one years old! Can’t believe how fast Halal Cosmetics first year went by! Alhumdullilah 

Thank you for all your love and feedback. Please continue to provide us feedback and don’t forget to join us at social medias 



Halal Cosmetics Brands

Assalam’alaikum (Peace Be Upon You)/Hi,

We provide various brands at Halal Cosmetics, visit us and we will be offering and partnering with may manufacturers. After all, we provide various halal, vegan, and animal cruelty-free cosmetics and skin care products for me and women all under one place!

Halal vs Non-Halal?


Halal simply means permitted or lawful. So when we are talking about halal cosmetics it means any cosmetics and/or skin care that are allowed to be used according to Islamic Sharia law.

Meaning in those cosmetics and skin care products there are no ingredients such as alcohol, blood, animal/human ingredient(s), and is cruelty-free.

Haram (Non-Halal)

The opposite of halal is haram (forbidden).

Forbidden in Islam if it includes:

  • Blood
  • Alcohol
  • Animal/Human blood/body part(s)


Is Halal for only Muslims? Vegan?

Does Halal products cush as cosmetics and skin care only used by Muslim people? No, not at all. Halal Cosmetics and Skin Care, doesn’t mean only Muslim individuals can you, but its for all and everyone. Halal Cosmetics and Skin care, are “halal” in an aspect that these products don’t contain any alcohol, blood, animal ingredient(s), and are cruelty-free, which helps with smoother and shiny skin, less skin allergies, and less chances of getting various kinds of skin diseases. .

We also provide Vegan options and we will have a sign on the image itself it is it Vegan/Non Vegan. If there is no sign of any kind, then we are unsure if it is vegan or not. Please contact us for more information.

Halal Cosmetics Certified vs Research

Assalam’alaikum (Peace Be Upon You)/Hi,

We will be providing various cosmetics and skin care products for men and women. Some of these products will be certified, while others will be researched.

  • Certified products are government recognized certified products
  • Researched products are when we, Halal Cosmetics Team, work along with our valued partner and research all the ingredients that the manufacturers use. We go through each and every single ingredient and figure out if they are categorized “Halal”



Assalam’alaikum (Peace Be Upon You)/Hi,

As we stated in our Welcome Post, we are here to provide you with Halal Cosmetics. We are all volunteers.

Our Volunteers Team:

CEO – Started Halal Cosmetics, due to challenging find right cosmetics for sensitive skin and also be able to use proper cosmetics and skin care products that will NOT break Wudu

Mahek – Online marketing, consulting, and love to play with various Halal Cosmetics

Kelly – Entrepreneur who loves to try new things and challenge herself in all aspects of life.

Alex – Shipping partner and co-partner of International Shipping, who provides our shipping needs within USA and USA to Kenya


Assalam’alaikum (Peace Be Upon You)/ Hi,

We would like to thank you for visiting us. We know you are busy, yet you took time to come, so thank you!

We would like to introduce ourselves and our business. We are all volunteers, who work hard to maintain this business for the sake of helping everyone by providing Halal Cosmetics and options of Vegan Cosmetics for everyone regardless of your beliefs. All our cosmetics are either certified halal and/or researched halal.

We want our sisters and brothers to looking simply good without sacrificing Deen! Please do visit us and join us through various social media!

Halal Cosmetics
Halal Cosmetics